New Album Facts

New Album Facts

It will soon be time for the next Hotpots CD.  Here are some interesting facts about your new favourite recording:

1) It should be out end of June/beginning of July.

2) It will probably contain 12 songs, 11 of which you won't have heard before.

3) Three of the songs take place in the same room of your house.

4) It contains the most innuendo filled Hotpots song ever.  Also, one of the funniest.

5) It once again contains the fiddling talents of violin virtuoso Mr Kevin Ferret.  What that man can't do with a bow!

6) It's quite a summer-y listen. Quite upbeat.  There's some non-Hotpotty sounds and some sounds which you’ll recognise as classic Hotpot.  

7) Song titles: There is one colour, one woman's name and one retail emporium in there.

8) Alas it's the last full length Hotpots album for the foreseeable future.  We will be doing other things instead.  A greatest hits will arrive however, maybe sooner rather than later.

9) It contains the longest Hotpots song ever clocking in at five and a half minutes.  We must be mad.

10) Bob does lead vocals for the first time.

Stay tuned.