The Beer Olymp*cs - A Statement

The Beer Olymp*cs - A Statement

So we were contacted at the end of last week by, of all people, the International Olympic Committee who have filed a claim against us for our classic Hotpots song 'The Beer Olympics'.  They tell us that they have copyright of the name 'Olympics' and that we haven't and  that we should cease and desist.  It's nice to see them finally catch up with a song that we first released in 2008, I'm guessing the Olympic breakfast at the Little Chef is next, get one while you can.   So, not wishing to get into any massive legal trouble (we can't pay for that AND the ale) we have decided to strategically re-title the song to see if that gets the legal bigwigs off our backs.  Please amend all your iTunes and other entries to the song's new title

The Beer 'International Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Sporting Quad Yearly Event' 

New cover art below.

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